For booking tickets you need not register online but registering has few privileges as under. You can participate and become eligible for any ongoing movie contests on the Shetty Multiplex Cinemas website. Receive newsletters regarding anything latest at Shetty Multiplex Cinemas, offers and promotions, exciting contests, upcoming movies and lot more for FREE.
As per government regulations, once a ticket has been paid for, it is deemed sold. It cannot be replaced or cancelled. Hence it is not possible for us to cancel/refund a ticket which has been booked.
Just follow these easy steps. 1. Select your location on the right hand corner of the homepage.
2. In Quickbook on the homepage, select Book by Movie or Book by Cinema
If you click Book by Movie.
It will show you the cinemas in your location. Choose the cinema you would like to book the tickets for, the date, time and no. of seats.
3. You will be brought to the Book tickets Page. Select class and quantity.
4. Check the details of the Your booked tickets.
Click on Proceed.
5. It will take you to the Payment page.
Enter the Payment details. It will take you to the merchant’s banks payment page.
6. Once you complete the payment process, it will automatically redirect you back to the websites Confirmation Page.
7. You will also get a booking confirmation mail and message from Shetty Multiplex Cinemas.
To know whether your booking was successful or not, kindly go to the re-send confirmation page on our website. https://shettysmultiplex.com/ Once on this page, enter the email id and mobile no. used to book tickets. If your booking is done, you will see a confirmation image. In the image on the right hand corner click on the link re-send sms to get an sms confirmation and/or click on resend mail to receive an email confirmation of your booking.
A minimal amount will be charged per ticket as Internet and Handling Charges.